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"This standout from the 2015 Bad Theater Festival crawled its way to a life of sold-out shows at the PIT and Reckless theaters. If it sounds obscene, that's because it is: The Disembodied Fist tells the story of a reanimated hand that terrorizes a frat house in 1956. Along the way, there's plenty of social critique, musical parody and sexual frivolity to keep all five fingers busy. You'd be horrified if you weren't too busy laughing. "

INTERVIEW: THe Jay THomas Show on Sirius XM

June 2016

Interview: The Jay thomas show on Sirius XM

october 5th, 2016

"It’s completely horrible but ridiculously charming. Campy, downright insulting in some parts, but also a very good and memorable ride if you’re a fan of bad sci-fi B-Movies, campy revenge plots, or some good old fashioned comedic but deadly onstage fisting." 

The Disembodied Hand That Fisted Everyone to Death is a perfect essential parody that works brilliantly within its own niche… Best viewed with friends, alcohol and all sensibility left at the door." 

“Littered with kinky bits, social commentary, and crude humor, the musical is campy to the max… The Disembodied Hand That Fisted Everyone to Death may be the gayest musical ever and isn’t ashamed about it.”